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I've gone to the Kick Off party today. It was fun, to be with other people insane enough to write a novel in one month. Lot of books, lots of chocolate letters (St Nick's coming up), and we had enough to spell out National Novel Writing Month. I've heard that a couple of years ago the Municipal Liaisons gave out marbles, so that you'd still have some at the end of the month. This year we made Inner Editors. Mine has very long arms, because he's always interfering and trying to reach the keyboard. It's a better explanation than that I'm not that crafty. That is a big lie.

Hoot had a nice enough time as well. At least the pub was dark enough for him. He's hand-sized, so he travels along with me a lot. You never know when inspiration strikes after all.


Oct. 15th, 2008 04:23 pm
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I took some photos of my writing totem.

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A stuffed owl called Hoot. He's cute and small and currently hanging outside in the sun, because I washed him this morning.

Owls eat plotbunnies, don't they?


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