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In a fit of Holmes-obsession, I've reread the book-canon over the past week. Also, I rererereread Study in Emerald, Gaiman's fanfic/crossover. It's worth a read, I highly recommend it.

And then I realised: Might be spoilery if you've never read the latter )

But really, I do recommend Gaiman's take for Holmes-fans.

Going back to my PWP now. This fandom is really kicking my writing into overdrive. *loves it.*
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I write like
Arthur Conan Doyle

I Write Like by MĂ©moires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

*pleased.* And I only got it for writing Sherlock-fanfic.
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I haven't written since NaNo '09 ended. Sure, I've had ideas, and the intention to write. But I never did.

Until I had an idea while in the shower this afternoon. And retained it, through sheer force of will (not easy, since I worked nights this past week), until I had towelled off and gone upstairs. And wrote it down, and more besides.

It feels so good, even if my handwriting is illegible at times.
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In my quest for three outlines before I come over to England (6 days...) I have two. The fact that I had those the day after the fiancé set the goal means he made Saturday the deadline for the third one.

I am so out of ideas right now.

Yes, I did write 449 words today on a plotbunny that bit me after listening to Pseudopod's The Undoing (warning, bit graphic when it comes to surgical procedures), but that does not a novel make.

So, yes

Aug. 9th, 2009 03:59 pm
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I am quite proud, yes. Also feeling slightly jealous.

Sis entered a Short Story-competition the other week, and sent us, the adoring family, her entry. It is quite nice. I got one or two minor quibbles with formatting, and she forgot a word, but that's all.

I never knew she was writing. And here I am, talking and thinking about writing, and she goes out and does so and enters.
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If it were at all possible, I'd like to have a desk in my bedroom, and my computer up there as well. But yeah, that'd mean no Internet, and I can't fit in the desk and my bed comfortably.

The privacy it'd offer me would be great. The comments that I spend so much time up there, not so much.
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I don't write like that, but as I've noticed and noted before, I like to write dialogue. I could, in all likelihood, write page after page of people just talking to each other, with some random doings interspersing the forest of quotation-marks and dialogue-tags.

And therein lies the rub,of course. Unless I was writing something like Waiting for Godot, in the end there has to be some action, even it's only one of the characters leaving the room and the remaining getting a new person to talk to.
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Right now, writing for me is a hard struggle. I don't ever seem to find the motivation for it, and the actual putting words on paper/the screen is like pulling teeth. It's hard, and I doubt just about every letter I write. So why do I write?

I get ideas, sure. I don't have the skills to pull any of them off right now, but the ideas are there. Even if they are blatantly cribbed from other sources (as I noticed again when I looked over my list of ideas for NaNo 2006). I keep investing in notebooks and pens, knowing I don't need special things to write. I just need paper and a pen, not a 15E-notebook and green pens. But I like the feeling of having something that is just for writing.

But am I writing in the hopes of getting published one day, or just so I can point to a large stack of manuscripts, which I can let other people read without embarrassment? I am very uncertain about what I want to accomplish, causing me to flounder in my writing. Hoot thinks I should just write for the sake of it, and I agree, but I still think I need a goal. Something to work towards. (After I beat my procrastination with a large stick, that is.)
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Dear NaNo,

It's not you, really it's not. But I think I need a break from you. Due to external happenings we've not been able to spend quality-time together this and last year. I am ever so sorry, especially this late in the month and me having quit in the first week, but I can't do this anymore. With the latest happenings, my Muse has fled the house along with my motivation, an she hasn't come back yet. She also thinks it's too cold around here, so she's on some tropical island, enacting The Blue Lagoon. Or The Monster from the Black Lagoon. She can be a bit cruel at times.

Much love and kisses,

the authrix.
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I finished a short, unrelated, story! Next to my fanfic, it's the only one I've ever finished. It feels weird to get that far.

I like to call myself a writer, in the privacy of my own head, so it's always nice if I can prove it to myself. Esteem-issues, me? Never!
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Which, in my opinion, sums up the biggest problem I have in writing: lack of description. Whenever I do try to and write it, I worry that I'm over-explaining, or infodumping, or both. I write dialogues and actions, that's about it. With NaNo around the corner, it's becoming a bigger problem. I can write two people talking till the cows come home (Which goes for both the conversation as my writing it down). But at some point the reader is going to lose his interest in my story.

In a sense, I think that's why NaNo 2006 failed. I won that year, but I haven't looked at the product since. It drags on and on, and I think the amount of dialogue has to do with that. *sighs* What's an author to do?
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Something I have been wondering since I saw the Christian writers-thread in the Writing Group-forum on NaNo: does being a Christian mean that you have to write about your faith? One of the adages of writing is 'Write what you know', or 'Write what you care about.' For me, my faith falls squarely in both categories. But does that mean that I have to write about it? Will it make other people doubt my level of commitment to God if I don't mention Him in my work? Would it be considered preachy to even just mention a church standing in the background. let alone write about matters of doctrine and faith?

Or do I worry too much and should I just write and see what comes out?
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Such as when you're hip-deep in mail that needs to be sorted to zipcode. That's when I went 'Hey, the conversation I was part of during the break could be used in my NaNo. But I can't write it, or the research it prompted, down right now, since my notebook is in my bag. Which is in a locker. Drat.' And so I went on, doing my damned job, hoping I'd be able to remember this the next day, when I realised 'Hey, I am not out of paper! I can write it on one of these labels.' They get thrown away anyway, and the back is nice and blank. A bit small, but I don't need much space anyway. I d tend to carry a pen with me at work, because you never know when you need to relabel a box.

As it was said, it was done. And all was well with the world.
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But how many write after coming home from work? That's 4.45 am, for those playing at home. Feh! Feh I say!

Nano talks about writing totems. I just wonder whether people'd go into writer's block if they lose theirs.
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She was a dark and stormy knight, with lightning in her hair and thunder in her voice. She rode a balck [sic] horse, and carrried [sic] a big sword with terrifying ease.

This is why I shouldn't write when I am fed up with things.


Jun. 2nd, 2008 03:14 pm
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Why am I reading a writing-board when I am not writing?
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I doubt I'll ever write sex. That's not to say that sex will never come up in what I write *eyes 2006's NaNo wearily*. Just that it'd most likely end up in a nice fade-to-black, leave it to the imagination of the reader(s). I feel uncomfortable writing it, and it ends up as enticing as wet cellery.
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Continued from here.

There's no such thing as a quiet drink )

Also taking part in [ profile] novel_in_90 with this. Wish me luck.

Worcound: 774.
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It's not that I have writer's block. Just that huge frikking sense that I should be spending my time on better things, like job-hunting and so on.

And since I do feel that real life is more important than NaNo (since NaNo doesn't chastise you over breakfast for having disappointed them), I am not writing for it this year.

There's always next year.
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I hit a motivational block. I can't find the motivation to write anymore. The fact that since I can't write much tomorrow and so have like 3K for today is not a big help either. Right now I just want to trash everything and forget about NaNo.


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