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Seeing that I have never seen all that much of the old series but Slight Gridlock-spoiler )
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Got Unfisnished Tales and Tree and Leaf. *happy geekette.* The latter has an essay on fairytales which I'm now reading, and it does sound interesting. Won't touch UT until I've finished the Silmarillion.

And two books about Tolkien and Lord of the Rings, which Mel said I should be careful in reading because books like those tend to leave out important things, (like him being a Roman Catholic, or that the Professor didn't like allegories). Especially when they have got their own grande theories.
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I watched Dracula 2000 the other day. After I stopped going 'Ooohh...nice' over Gerard Butler in an open shirt *adds another crush to growing list.*, I got to thinking. I don't get it. The curse-thing doesn't jibe with how I understand Christ to work. I will admit I'm not a scholar, and prone to overthink movie-mechanics, and movie-plots, but still. Cursing Judas to a life of being an undead bloodsucker? Euhm, yeah. But it was late, and I went back to drooling. I'm so easy.


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