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She shook her head. She didn't know, and she wasn't likely to find it out just by walking around.

Wordcount: 52,112.
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"Now then," she said to Meghan, "what's next? Piss off the gods?"

"I was saving that for our anniversary," Meghan said.

And with this, I crossed 50K. I am now at 50,103!
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'So much for that one drink', Hava thought to herself, as she was giving her statement to the police-officer. But she would have a good story to tell Meghan. Her partner would find something of value in this.
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Something seemed to spark deep inside his head, because his roaring got deeper, and he made a grab for her with one of his wings. She dodged, tumbling away from the claws that narrowly raked her shoulder.
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She hadn't wanted to do it like this, but time was of the essence, and people worked better when they were given no choice in the matter. Besides, Hargita would look after him.
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After she had done that, she retrieved her partner and left the librarian watching after them. Poor kid.
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The one in front said, "You," and motioned for his men to surround them. It was a small room, and this was no easy feat, but they managed to do it regardless.
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"Oh, I know that you won't disturb us unnecessarily," she said, causing him to blush again. He really didn't know why she was having this kind of effect on him.
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Dear Meghan,

So you're ace. No, nothing wrong with that. It's just that..., did you really have to have the 'Defining the relationship'-talk with Hava while you were still being hunted by the bad guys? Time and a place, people.

Love, your author
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She turned to her partner, only to find her reading something on the screen in front of her with a look of horror on her face. "What did you find, a Mills and Boon-novel?"
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Hava looked at Meghan, and then back to the Chief, and shrugged. "Fine. I do need to know exactly where the ship is, though."

"That can be arranged."
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I wouldn't put it past him if he had set up some kind of dampening field in this cell either, to stop us from doing what I know you are suggesting.
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"Come on, we could do with an outlet. Let's go punch something."

"Is that code for scaring the crap out of the junior agents?" Hava asked, as she followed.

"Maybe. They need to be scared good every now and then. Keeps them sharp."

"You're awful. I love it."

"I know you do."
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"Huh, no wonder he was so miffed. And it's not your fault, you do know that?"

"I think I do. It's just hard to remember at times."
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Putting someone like that in the role of protected would be an insult. Better not to encourage herself thinking like that.
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Dear Hava and Meghan,

At least now you're doing something, but do either of you know what you're doing? No? That's what I thought. You're both supposed to be professionals, right? is there something in the water that made you act this way? Given how Meghan is behaving at the moment, that might be the case yet. Hmn, I think I can work with that.

Love, your author

P.S. See, Priesty, I told you I would name you. Be glad.


Dear Big Bad,

Do something. Anything. All you've done so far is sit around and gaze at the ceiling while contemplating your amazingness. That's not going to get things done.

Love, your exasperated author
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Dear Hava and Priesty,

Why the hell are you suddenly talking about quitting your jobs? This is not what I had planned at all! You're not supposed to quit until the end of the story.

Yours in exasperation, the author

P.S. Yes, Priesty, I will come up with a proper name for you. Eventually.
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Come Hell or High Water
(Urban) Fantasy

She is a priest for good who's lost her faith. She is a demon hellbent on redemption. Together, they have to stop The Corporation from gaining The Artefact, the powerful object demons and devils have fought a millennia-long war over, and with that rule the Multiverse.


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