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Not touching the Lexicon-wank, since I need the time to dick around on the net.

There's also wank about a book JKR wrote, The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Seven handwritten copies, six for her friends and one to be auctioned off. People are not happy with that decision.

The entitlement-issues of some people...

Also, welfare equals charity and means that you are not allowed to write books. *nods* It are fact, I know from my teachings. *slaps people with a wet trout.* What did you want her to do? Stay on welfare forever so you could whine about people no having the gumption to free themselves from their life as parasites of decent, hardworking people?
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NaNo-wank. Well, pissyness about NaNo. As in, you're not allowed to call yourself a writer if you're doing NaNo. Bull-pockey, says I.

Bonus: link to an older 'essay' on why NaNo is destroying the noble profession of putting words on paper for shits and giggles.

And some wank on the boards of NaNo itself. But that's about the slowness of the boards due to modifications still going on.
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Blargh. My head is rather empty, unless you want to count Poirot wandering around in there, muttering in French about the mess. Which is ok, because my French isn't too hot so I can't understand him anyway. ;) Been reading Christie the past couple of days.

In of the latest sporkings on [ profile] deleterius, we have a defendant of the fanfic-writer pop up. I think s/he missed the notice that we don't care. It's there for our fun, not theirs. But maybe that is just me.
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Wow. It's almost a year since there was wank about this. How time flies.

*thinks what she has in lilac.*


Jan. 16th, 2007 06:33 pm
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Cassandra Claire's book goes on sale soon.

This ought to get good, what with that stink of plagiarism still hanging over her.


Dec. 25th, 2006 09:54 pm
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Well then...

Wizards of the Coast is a games-company. For one they publish Dungeons and Dragons, and also Magic: The Gathering. I play both, and sometimes I think that makes me rather unique, given the fact that I seem to lack a penis. ;) Both hobbies are very dominated by men. And nerdy men at that, but who doesn't love those? ;)

Over the past couple of months, Magic-Research and Development put on a search for new card-designer. Well, they offered a six-month internship, but whatever, it's the chance to work at something you love, so who wouldn't go for it? (I wouldn't, but that's more to do with the fact that I still know jackshit about the game, although I am learning.)

This past week, the winner of The Great Designer Search [TGDS] was announced. [TGDS] WINNER Announced At Party Last Night over on the M:TG Salvation-boards, (which are not connected to the official Wizboards at all). Paigoddess won. NorrYtt and Kraj, who were the other finalists, also chime in on this thread. Pai is female.

So, was the winner hired soley beacuse she was a woman? Was she hired to appeal to the minor female fanbase this hobby has? I admit, I squealed a bit when I heard that she had won, because what I saw of her designs were decent and just, you know, having a woman on board there might not be bad. I just hope she was not hired based purely on gender, and I doubt she was. R&D would just shoot itself in the foot with that decision.
Will the rest of the nerds working in R&D be able to stop from hitting on her? They might be married, but you know what happens when nerds see a woman...(Yeah, I've taken to having a baseball-bat at my side when I go out with Mel to games at his friends'... A clue. No.)
Oh wait, no. Pai used to be a man. Yes, she is transgendered. She just needs more surgery so she can be an attractive woman. *insert my brain finally breaking.*

What is WRONG with these people? Mel says it's jealousy in part, because she won, and not them. Maybe he's right. It does my head in, seeing them go on about her gender, and basing her solely on tht. Way to go to prove that normal adults can play this game too, guys. Cheers.

I sometimes wonder why I'm still here with people like that around. Though luckily I have not run into them here, or anywhere I have played. Which is good, because I would get very pissed off at them. Even just seeing them on the internet does my head in.


Dec. 23rd, 2006 04:38 pm
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Proof that you don't need Fandom_Wank for stupidity...

Akroma does so rule! And you are idiots for not seeing that!

It's on the Wizards-messageboards, and over a year old. An oldie but a goodie. Watch the OP claim he played against the Top Ten, though he can't remember their names. Watch him post a rather sucky deck-list. (I have to say, I can't see much wrong with that deck, but I myself am still rather new to the game, so yeah.)
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You call that an interview? You need to go back to school. Preferably to learn a job that doesn't require you to write.


He can't win, can he? The poor man. He does have a sense of humour. Not that the interviewer managed to get that.


Dec. 11th, 2006 05:19 pm
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"Bring Rose Back!".

Things like that make me wonder if people know about the canon, such as it is with Who, which has a continuity more flexible than Broccolee.

And it makes me want to dig out my previous ranting about Timelords and companions, but what would be the use? I mean, what do I know? Obviously nothing of the Great And Pure Love Of Drose. *sighs*
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Pictures of Harry kissing Cho from the upcoming Order of the Phoenix-movie have been released.

I wonder how batshit the reactions will be towards this.

And how many fics will get written killing Katie Cheung so Danenema can live forever.
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Small confession: I'd rather have the bickering relationship of Ron/Hermione than the perfect serene one of Harry/Hermione. At least the first one has more life in it. And it's bickering, not lobbing deaththreats at each other. How do you get that Ron's going to grow up to be an abusive little shit who's going to lock Hermione in the kitchen and force her to have a whole herde of kids and nothing else? Did we even read the same books? The ones where Hermione is perfectly capable of taking care of herself, and has a rather quick temper at times (cue canaries, again)? Besides, with Harry's temper and CAPSLOCK OF ANGST and Hermione's swottishness and her almost slavish devotion to learning and books and schedules who's to say that H/Hr will be so peaceful? They drive each other up the wall when Ron's not there to balance them out.

My biggest peeve with all this? They are teenagers. There are high school relationships that survive graduation and college and the rest of life, but not all do. I'd wager most of them don't. So stop making this all to be about the One True LoveTM. People change at that age. Life happens. Not all relationships survive that. Please remember that.

I'm not saying that H/Hr will never happen. Maybe it will, later on. Maybe not. Let your fantasy run wild, especially since Rowling has said that she won't write anymore HP after Book Seven. I'm just saying that in the span of the books it won't happen. Rowling said so.

This is not so much aimed at fanfic, though I do have a tendency to skip any that has H/Hr as a pairing. Personal preference and all that, and they usually make it to mean 'We're so in love and nothing bad can ever happen to us'-cavity-inducing-mush. This is about the rabid insane shippers, who keep 'interpreting the texts from the right perspective', as long as it means that their ship is the only one that will sail.
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How I loathe the man.

Ranting. Not fair at all. )

Gah, I only still watch for the other characters, sort of.
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Danenema-shippers at it again. This time because they came out of a Starbucks together. Oi vey. Don't they have anything better to do than obsess over some actors' lovelives? Even when I was a teenager and had a list of crushes the length of my arm I didn't obsess as much as these people seem to do.

*shudders.* I don't want to know whether there's RPF about this already. I hate RPF and will not read it.

Oy vey!

Aug. 20th, 2006 03:33 pm
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Drose? And I thought HP had horrible ship-names.
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A petition to get Rose back into Dr Who. What part of Timelord don't you understand? She was not The Love Of His LifeTM. If anything, she was a Great LoveTM. Just, not the only one he ever loved. He doesn't travel with people he doesn't love. Whether that's platonic, or a more horizontal version. He travelled with Adric, and most people consider the wet dishcloth under the sink to have been of more use. (Note: not talking of personal experience, I have never seen Adric in action.)

Look, I'm not denying they might have had something. For all I care they had wild orgies with Captain Jack between episodes (oo-er!). Just, making the Doctor into a love-sick puppy scouring the Universe just for a glimpse of Rose is just demeaning to the Doctor. He knows how to let go. Apart from the destruction of Galifrey, but there's a difference between losing a girl and losing your entire homeworld and race in a war in which you fought yourself.

Nor can I blame Rose for feeling desolate after she lost the Doctor. He's the kind of man you only meet once, and that only if you're extremely lucky. And wanting to see him again is understandable too. Just look at Sarah Jane. She waited all those years as well. But it's as much an insult to Rose's character to have her searching for the rest of her life for a way to be with the Doctor again. As soon as the heartache mends, I can see Rose getting on with her life and making something of it. Because she can. She is strong, for all the clinging she did to Ten. She had to be, or else she would have perished a lot sooner in her travels with the Doctor. And he doesn't strike me as the man to take along someone who can't take care of themselves.

Wow, I defended Rose. Well, I never. Though I will freely admit I disliked her because so many people were intent on her canonization. Much as I'm predisposed to like Martha just because so many people already make her into the bad woman. Like in the above petition.
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The last in the vein of CC. Oy gevalt. When does the hurting stop?
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More or less inspired by this entry (see first italicized part). CSI-wank on the relationship between Sara and Grissom. I must confess I haven't seen it myself, and I have no idea what season our local channel is broadcasting. Regardless, she's an idiot. So there's an age-difference, and a rather hefty one. There are people who'd blanch at that, and more power to them: whatever makes your boaty floaty. But how in the name of all that's good and holy does that translate into frigging child abuse when they met as frigging adults?! Dear poster: this is Earth, please come back before you totally drift off into space.

Yes, sexual abuse of children is heinous. Just...don't go building strawmen like this. Just because there's 16 years between them doesn't make Grissom a pedofile in retrospect. They met as adults, on the job. Blowing up over a consensual relationship like this isn't going to do your cause much good.

Oh, and the phrase is 'She's young enough to be his daughter.'

Edit: the entry is just reporting the wank, not doing the wanking. It's [ profile] misscam after all. ;)

Oh brother

Jun. 20th, 2006 04:14 pm
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MsScribe (1 of 10, you have been warned). (subsequent parts linked to in OP.)

If I ever have this much free time on my hands (talking about Msscribe, not charlottelennox), please, just shoot me if it looks like I'm trying to pull the kinda shit she's doing. Because dear Og, occupational therapy hasn't got a patch on that amount of lying and sockpuppetry. It's truly 'WTF'-inducing in all its epicness.
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Like we weren't scarred enough already.

'You know what Dan and Emma need now? BABIES!' No, what they need is for you to stop living vicariously through them, and to get off the internet and get some fresh air.

Make the hurting stop!

Honestly people, just stop it with the batshit-fantasies. And for the love of all that's holy, STOP IT WITH THE RPF!

Woe is me

May. 31st, 2006 03:58 pm
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Mel's not that fond of Firefly. How can I ever go on with a man who doesn't share my exact tastes?

Oh wait, I can because I'm sane like that.

Sorta kinda inspired by a woman who was shocked to find out her husband liked Ron/Hermione, and who didn't see Harry/Hermione. *sighs.*


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