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Pictures of Harry kissing Cho from the upcoming Order of the Phoenix-movie have been released.

I wonder how batshit the reactions will be towards this.

And how many fics will get written killing Katie Cheung so Danenema can live forever.
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Danenema-shippers at it again. This time because they came out of a Starbucks together. Oi vey. Don't they have anything better to do than obsess over some actors' lovelives? Even when I was a teenager and had a list of crushes the length of my arm I didn't obsess as much as these people seem to do.

*shudders.* I don't want to know whether there's RPF about this already. I hate RPF and will not read it.
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Like we weren't scarred enough already.

'You know what Dan and Emma need now? BABIES!' No, what they need is for you to stop living vicariously through them, and to get off the internet and get some fresh air.

Make the hurting stop!

Honestly people, just stop it with the batshit-fantasies. And for the love of all that's holy, STOP IT WITH THE RPF!
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Do you mind? Wank about Dan/Emma. Fanfic about real people. True Love between Emma and Dan. No, them being legal doesn't help your case. And you just made my head explode.

Actors are not their characters. I don't give a dingo's kidneys if they look cute together, stop planning their joint future! Unless you're their bestest friend forever, in which I'd dump you for blabbing everything about my life to the big wide world, shut your gabbing.
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Euhm, yes. (Might get deleted since the photo is posted without the watermark.) Edit: it did get deleted.

BAFTA-pic, of Tennant and Piper hugging. They probably just found out they won or something, I don't know. They look cute, but some of the comments...oi. We just took a turn into RPF.

'It's so Rose and the Doctor.'

'why can't thse [sic] two get together, they're so sweet' [Yes, we are talking about the actors here.]

Lessee, I heard Piper had a boyfriend, and Tennant's dating Myles. And they are not their characters! It feels like the beginning of Danenema.


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