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on my writing-journal in InsaneJournal.

You forum very nice nmbd
2008-10-04 12:33 pm UTC (link)
Hello. And Bye. Sex love for allr. Very sory from poland . Sex

*scratches head.* Yeah, whut?
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Dr Who-spoiler. My thoughts )
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Yay, I found one of the first posts on HMS STFU I'd ever read.

Lady Ramkin's Lover. Yes, it's about Discworld-fanfic.
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Last night I was watching Devour, a fairly recent horror-movie with Supernatural's Jensen Ackles. He played a kid who all his life had been plagued by living nightmares (Why, did you piss off Dream?), and who also worked in a shop as a computer-technician. In walks quite nicely dressed and rather hot-looking lady, who has laptop-trouble. "It just stopped working." Did he ask any questions? Troubleshoot? Made a face that indicates that it could be fixed, but only if you're willing to sacrifice your firstborn child to his evil god?

No. He pries off the plastic bar at the top of the keyboard, and fishes out a lump of red candle-wax. WTF? I'm about as a-technical as they come, and even I can see that that is nothing short of a miracle. And then he let her go without her paying for his help. What are the odds? His boss was going to take it out of his pay, which in these kind of movies means he's going to buy it before the end of the second reel.

Likewise the professor who kept trying to blackmail our hero's girlfriend into having sex with him so she wouldn't fail her classes. And of course she can't tell the Dean, because she's a girl who likes to wear revealing clothing, so she's probably a slut who came on to the professor and thus can't be believed.

Then the signal gave out, so I couldn't watch the rest of it to see whether I was right.
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Old, I know. But still worth boggling about. Add the irony about burning a book condemning the practice and I don't need any spinach for the coming month.

"There's Bible-burning in there, so it's bad." That was more or less the point of the book. It deals with censorship. It's about a society dealing with people thinking for themselves.

Books and the ideas therein are too important to burn en masse. You can't control people by forbidding them to read. or to think for themselves. (Ok, you can, I know. I read 1984 as well. But you shouldn't do it.)

Sheesh people! Think outside that skull of yours.

Kudos to the students who protested the burning.
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There's telling someone their fic is bad, and then there's this. Mind-boggling commences in What are you on, reviewer?

Me, while I will admit to generously mocking badifc in various communities, I will try to confine it to the fics themselves, and not play it too much to the writers. Even if I do think their fic isn't worth lining the birdcage with since that'd get the RSPCA on my arse faster than you can say 'Polly wants a cracker?', I would not wish death on the writer. I might slip and wish that their keyboards were taking away while they were forcefed the canon and Elements of Style, but death? Overreaction much? Since when is badfic something you have to kill yourself over? Get a life, plzthnxbai.


Sep. 13th, 2006 05:48 pm
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So, I'm writing a PPC, about a story which has Legolas as a girl, and out of morbid curiosity, I take a look at what else this author has written.

'Silencing Mike'.


Silencing Mike?! The Monty Python gangrape-story? Oh my sweet Eru!

Get it off, get it off, I got RPS-cooties all over me.


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