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I've hit a snag in my writing. I was getting bogged down in things I didn't want to write about, and it killed my motivation. I think I've added a couple of hundred words yesterday and today combined. But today I took the drastic step of... not writing about that any more, and skipping to the action. Which is major for me, since I always feel obliged to finish what I started. Or I just abandon it completely when the frustration gets to be too much. Hopefully this new move will get some action going, at long last.
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I think I need to set something on fire. In the story, that is. Maybe then something will happen.


Nov. 15th, 2014 05:53 pm
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26K words, and I feel like I am writing myself into a corner. Well, that's not entirely correct. I just don't know where the story is supposed to go from here. For a detective-story there's very little detecting going on, which is partly because I haven't the foggiest what's actually supposed to happen.

Ah, the joys of writing in a genre you don't read that much.

So, ok

Oct. 2nd, 2010 08:24 pm
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The best cure for a block on one story is just to write a completely different one? Ok, I can live with that.

People quite seem to like it, and do seem eager for me to finish it. Even if I will have to repost the prompt, since the first prompts-post it appeared in has maxed out on its comments.

It's still not going very fast, either of them, but meh. It's the work that counts.
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For giving me a good kick in the backside. I have a terrible tendency to just fuss and not do anything. I whine a lot about wanting to write instead of just doing so. I can't say exactly why this is so, apart from general laziness and unwillingness to do the work.

I was talking about NaNo, and that I had no clue what to write about, or whether I even wanted to participate this year. He said "There's nine days before you come over here. I want you to come up with three outlines for NaNo by then."

This was yesterday. I have two already.
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Right now, writing for me is a hard struggle. I don't ever seem to find the motivation for it, and the actual putting words on paper/the screen is like pulling teeth. It's hard, and I doubt just about every letter I write. So why do I write?

I get ideas, sure. I don't have the skills to pull any of them off right now, but the ideas are there. Even if they are blatantly cribbed from other sources (as I noticed again when I looked over my list of ideas for NaNo 2006). I keep investing in notebooks and pens, knowing I don't need special things to write. I just need paper and a pen, not a 15E-notebook and green pens. But I like the feeling of having something that is just for writing.

But am I writing in the hopes of getting published one day, or just so I can point to a large stack of manuscripts, which I can let other people read without embarrassment? I am very uncertain about what I want to accomplish, causing me to flounder in my writing. Hoot thinks I should just write for the sake of it, and I agree, but I still think I need a goal. Something to work towards. (After I beat my procrastination with a large stick, that is.)
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Which, in my opinion, sums up the biggest problem I have in writing: lack of description. Whenever I do try to and write it, I worry that I'm over-explaining, or infodumping, or both. I write dialogues and actions, that's about it. With NaNo around the corner, it's becoming a bigger problem. I can write two people talking till the cows come home (Which goes for both the conversation as my writing it down). But at some point the reader is going to lose his interest in my story.

In a sense, I think that's why NaNo 2006 failed. I won that year, but I haven't looked at the product since. It drags on and on, and I think the amount of dialogue has to do with that. *sighs* What's an author to do?
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A gaming-friend of mine, to play D&D.
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My job pays me more than I thought.
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It's not that I have writer's block. Just that huge frikking sense that I should be spending my time on better things, like job-hunting and so on.

And since I do feel that real life is more important than NaNo (since NaNo doesn't chastise you over breakfast for having disappointed them), I am not writing for it this year.

There's always next year.
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I fucking hate writer's block. And lack of inspiration.

How do people do it? Write, that is. Just sitting down and doing it doesn't seem to cut it for me. Something about the screen just defeats all my good intentions.


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