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Dear Meghan,

So you're ace. No, nothing wrong with that. It's just that..., did you really have to have the 'Defining the relationship'-talk with Hava while you were still being hunted by the bad guys? Time and a place, people.

Love, your author
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Ffff, I feel so self-conscious when trying to write sex above the PG-13 level.

Practice makes perfect, I suppose.
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In a fit of Holmes-obsession, I've reread the book-canon over the past week. Also, I rererereread Study in Emerald, Gaiman's fanfic/crossover. It's worth a read, I highly recommend it.

And then I realised: Might be spoilery if you've never read the latter )

But really, I do recommend Gaiman's take for Holmes-fans.

Going back to my PWP now. This fandom is really kicking my writing into overdrive. *loves it.*


Jul. 16th, 2010 04:14 pm
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Writing a Garraty/McVries slashfic. They're from King-writing-as-Bachman's book The Long Walk.

Does this book even have a fandom?
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This thread on Absolute Write got me thinking. And then writing. Read more... )
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I have screaming matches with my FMC. The current debate is about her sexual orientation.

Concerta: "I am not gay! My parents want me to marry a man, for crying out loud!"
Me: "You know as well as I do that your parents don't give a flying fuck whether you like men, women, both, or three-legged marsupials from Mars (as long as it's all consensual. They don't want the bad stench of a paedophilia-scandal). Besides, you never dated, ever. How would you know who you like?"
Concerta: "I just do. Now get out and stop trying to screw with my head!"

And in the background the villain's laughing his head off. Bastard. It's all his fault anyway, that I ma considering a lesbian line to my plot.

Concerta: "I! AM! NOT! GAY!" *slams her bedroom door shut behind her.*
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I doubt I'll ever write sex. That's not to say that sex will never come up in what I write *eyes 2006's NaNo wearily*. Just that it'd most likely end up in a nice fade-to-black, leave it to the imagination of the reader(s). I feel uncomfortable writing it, and it ends up as enticing as wet cellery.
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Yesterday I watched Shadow of the North, a BBC-adaptation of a Philip Pullman-novel. I never read anything by the man, but despite that, I quite liked the adaptation. It had Billie Piper as the heroine Sally Lockhart. She's quite a good actress, now that I've seen her in something that had no relation whatsoever to Dr Who.

Anyway, at one point she finally admits that yes, she fancies the man who's had a crush on her since probably the previous book/adaptation, and they sleep together. Mind, this is set in the 1870's Britain, not really a time when you want it to come out that you've been having sex outside of marriage. All lovey-dovey, he proposes, she accepts. Then he dies, since the villain has the house set on fire, and he perishes. Shame, because I liked the character, while Sally sometimes irritated the snot out of me. There's being forward and there's being a stubborn idiot. So at this point, Sally's lost her dog, the man she loves, and the house. Not her house, but it was the house the amant was living in and conducting his business from (private investigaters).

Protagonists do deserve happiness. Why this need to take everything away from them? Drama makes for good story, I know. Just seems overdone sometimes.
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Lost Boys...Pft, Michael/Star. Michael/David all the way. They had more chemistry together (and even bottle-blond Kiefer Sutherland is still hot). And we had David go all possessive of Michael as well. What more could you want?
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Sex keeps invading my brain, and making me write a very random scene between two characters of my NaNo-novel. Not to mention that another plot seems to have lodged itself there.


Nov. 20th, 2006 05:40 pm
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I am still like 5K behind in typing up of the longhand.

But I am getting close to 30K. I do not think I will be able to break that today, though.


Also, I love the Sherrif so very very much and I want to have his psycho-babies. And he needs to take Robin, hard, and make him stop whining. Hmm, hate!sex.
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Dear Emmar,

You were only supposed to be a bit-character. How did you manage to jump to being Olgyu's love-interest? Stop hogging the spotlight, I do not want 5 MC's. I am having enough trouble with 4

And dear, one night sex together does not mean eternal love. Please, do not delude yourself in this way.

In sincere bewilderment and sympathy,

your authrix


Dear Olgyu,

Stop sleeping around. See what you are doing to others.

No love,

your authrix


To all the main characters,

Please, get a move on. I would like to see you out of that monastery before I reach 50K.


the authrix
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Crime-series are very good for promoting vanilla-sex, in contrast to anything that doesn't follow the man-on-top-woman-on-bottom-style. Read more... )
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Bit disjointed thoughts )

Also, the Bad Sex-week on HMS STFU is slowly destroying my sanity. Even more than what badfic usually does to it.

Dr Who-wank

May. 9th, 2006 07:19 pm
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The Doctor Dances With Himself.

This time about Doctor/Doctor-slash.
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Doctor Who Asexuality Wank (Is that a contradiction of terms, or what?)

Spoilers for Season 2, episodes 3 and 4 (School Reunion and The girl in the fireplace).

Nice way to prepare for this evening's episode. It's wanky like whoa!

Edit: and it links to this, earlier, piece of wank-report: Doctor Who Fandom: Imploding, One French Chick At A Time (Spoilers for Ep 4, obviously.) But hey, we get bingo! Life is indeed bountiful.
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Bond/X-Ray glasses OTP: OMGtheirloveissoseethrough!

It's odd to see the priest of Ballykissangel as a pain-immune lunatic. Complete with stone-scene right out of Red Heat. And "I will make sure I have a clear understanding of who is responsible for what in my organization. For example, if my general screws up I will not draw my weapon, point it at him, say "And here is the price for failure," then suddenly turn and kill some random underling."* are words to live by, dear Renard.

Bond's an idiot. Can't he keep it in his pants for five minutes? Stupid question, I know. Makes me miss Diana Riggs as Bond-girl, for some strange reason. Or Grace Jones. I sometimes think I'm the only one who liked her as Mayday. *shrugs.*

And I think that doctor should be fired. Seriously, getting it on with your patients is not good ethics. Delusional, me? Only because I'm looking for logic in Bond? Nah.

I love Bond, but the magic is going out of the franchise. Nowadays he just irritats me more and more. Still love the older movies, and Connery is the Bond.

*Evil Overlord List.


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