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Dear Jaden.

Where the everlasting fuck did you come from? I never meant for Cyna to have a brother. Sure, I needed a reason to have her come back to her home-town, but an estranged sibling was not what I'd had in mind.

I can't tell you how much you may have scuppered what plot I had come up with before you showed up.

Exasperatedly, Bookish Dragon
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Take a day off, then start making notes for the next story I want to write. I want to profit from this mindset of writing every day. This NaNovel, I think I'll put away for now, and come back to it later. It's going to need extensive rewriting, and for that I am going to need some fresh eyes.

I've found that I need an outline when I write. It helps me in knowing what I have to write, and hopefully will cut down on 'I have no idea what this place is up to/Why the hell are you quitting your jobs?!'-surprises.

...And I told the boyfriend this, and he's set me the deadline of coming Wednesday of having decided what I want to write. Bless, he is a big support in this. If not for him, I would never have come this far.
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Dear Meghan,

So you're ace. No, nothing wrong with that. It's just that..., did you really have to have the 'Defining the relationship'-talk with Hava while you were still being hunted by the bad guys? Time and a place, people.

Love, your author
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Dear Hava and Meghan,

At least now you're doing something, but do either of you know what you're doing? No? That's what I thought. You're both supposed to be professionals, right? is there something in the water that made you act this way? Given how Meghan is behaving at the moment, that might be the case yet. Hmn, I think I can work with that.

Love, your author

P.S. See, Priesty, I told you I would name you. Be glad.


Dear Big Bad,

Do something. Anything. All you've done so far is sit around and gaze at the ceiling while contemplating your amazingness. That's not going to get things done.

Love, your exasperated author
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Dear Hava and Priesty,

Why the hell are you suddenly talking about quitting your jobs? This is not what I had planned at all! You're not supposed to quit until the end of the story.

Yours in exasperation, the author

P.S. Yes, Priesty, I will come up with a proper name for you. Eventually.
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Come Hell or High Water
(Urban) Fantasy

She is a priest for good who's lost her faith. She is a demon hellbent on redemption. Together, they have to stop The Corporation from gaining The Artefact, the powerful object demons and devils have fought a millennia-long war over, and with that rule the Multiverse.
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Dear Concy, Michael, and Ameena,

Please have more story than 'trying to navigate a polyamorous relationship'. I cannot spend 50K on that, I'll go crazy! (Well, crazier.)

I know the last time I wrote about you it didn't end well either, but that wasn't a good plot either. So give me something better.


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So, NaNo'll be upon us soon.

I don't know if I am going to participate this year. I've never come this close without at least something resembling a plot, or the slightest inclination to write. It's... yeah, I don't know what it is.
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Dear Elsie,

I know you are angry at Kate. She was acting spineless and like a wimp. Still, you need to help her, or else the plot'll just fall apart. And we wouldn't want that, would we?

The author.
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Please behave the way we agreed on when we set out on this. I know, I know, I have been slacking badly, but I'm trying to get back into it. So for the love of little green apples, don't change roles halfway through!

Fiend, why did you change who you were masquerading as?
Same goes for Ameena. Make up your mind, woman. Angel. Whatever.

At least the lesbian-angle sems to have survived. But I foresee some massive rewriting later on.

Exasperated, the author.
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Three, haha! Three outlines.

And the past couple of days I have been writing. Not much, a couple of hundred words per day, but writing steadily nonetheless.
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In my quest for three outlines before I come over to England (6 days...) I have two. The fact that I had those the day after the fiancé set the goal means he made Saturday the deadline for the third one.

I am so out of ideas right now.

Yes, I did write 449 words today on a plotbunny that bit me after listening to Pseudopod's The Undoing (warning, bit graphic when it comes to surgical procedures), but that does not a novel make.
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My FMC is an ordinary young woman. No special powers, nothing. She eventually runs into a demon. A couple of hundred years ago one of her ancestors made a pact with said demon, and now he's come to claim his ultimate price. The FMC.

My question is: how can she defeat him/get him off her back, permanently? She's no saint or anything like that.
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I have screaming matches with my FMC. The current debate is about her sexual orientation.

Concerta: "I am not gay! My parents want me to marry a man, for crying out loud!"
Me: "You know as well as I do that your parents don't give a flying fuck whether you like men, women, both, or three-legged marsupials from Mars (as long as it's all consensual. They don't want the bad stench of a paedophilia-scandal). Besides, you never dated, ever. How would you know who you like?"
Concerta: "I just do. Now get out and stop trying to screw with my head!"

And in the background the villain's laughing his head off. Bastard. It's all his fault anyway, that I ma considering a lesbian line to my plot.

Concerta: "I! AM! NOT! GAY!" *slams her bedroom door shut behind her.*
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Dearest antagonist,

Please tell me something about yourself. More than 'I want that girl'. Give me something to work with here.

The author.


Dear Michael,

Grow a spine.

The author.


Dear me,

Why do I keep writing about people with no spine?



Dear author,

Do you get a warm glow of sadistic glee when planning how to torture me?



Dear Concerta,

However did you guess?

*angelic smile* The author.
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When Plots Come in Dreams.

The FMC dies and is dead, killed by the vengeful spirit of a man who died through a trick the FMC and her friends played on him. Instead of moving on, she stays here in a half state between life and death. There's little rhyme or reason to what she can touch and what not, to whom she can talk and whom not. Besides learning how to cope with her new existence she has to warn her friends, and to stop the vengeful spirit. After she's found out who it is, of course. She doesn't know at first who's responsible for her death.
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I'm going through with the urban fantasy, and shelf the LotR-AU indefinitely.

Why no Feänor? He's a pain. I'm missing the emotional investment. I adore Middle-earth, yes, but in the end, I care more about my own creations than somebody else's. There's a lot of things I don't know, and probably can't find out short of ouijaing professor Tolkien. And he has better things to do. With the Harry Potter-fanfic I had enough trouble finding any information on vampires. For the Doctor Who-one it didn't matter as much, and it can be considered AU anyway.

Despite all the frustrations of having to think up details myself, in the end I can deal better with that than making up details for someone else's world and getting them wrong.
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Oh Feänor,

Are we going to do the same as last year? Because if we are, I am really not going to care how big your sword is, or how angry you can get. Either you cooperate with me on this AU, or I will find another plot. Emo-girl with her arranged marriage has also woken up, and she can get stroppy as well.

Yes, I know I am a mere human, and thus beneath you. I wonder if you ever behaved to professor Tolkien this way.


the authrix.

P.S. Kill Gimli and I kill you. Messily.
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Now I want to write about Luke Rattigan, the boy who grew up too fast. Something in the vein of the vignette I did about Nurse Redfern.

Of course, there's loads of people who'll cheerfully tell me that I shouldn't write fanfic. Not because I stink at them, but because it's so much better to write original fic. Blargh to them.


Oct. 22nd, 2007 04:38 pm
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Feedback, love? Ideas?


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