Dec. 4th, 2013 03:51 pm
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It's December. Work is always super-busy in December. I know this, so why do I plan on writing in this busy month? That is not a good idea.

In other news, I am postphoning my writing until the New Year, when I will have had some proper sleep.
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I saw John Barrowman in Hotel Babylon yesterday while channel-surfing. He does bitchy prima-donna well, I must say.
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But I saw the second and third HP-movies over Christmas, and Ron, whom I love in the books (he comes a close second to Neville) seemed to have been stripped of all that I love. Mainly all he did was be scared and left out of the loop. I did like that they put in things like Hermione turning to him for comfort when they thought Buckbeak was killed, and her without abandon hugging Harry when she was recovered from being Petrified, and then going uncomfortable hugging the boy she's starting to like, instead opting for a handshake.

But Harry and Hermione got the cool stuff, it seemed. And it irked me.
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Lost Boys...Pft, Michael/Star. Michael/David all the way. They had more chemistry together (and even bottle-blond Kiefer Sutherland is still hot). And we had David go all possessive of Michael as well. What more could you want?
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Do not read any Heroes-fanfic, however good it may be, until you have at least seen more than just the pilot.

In order to preserve the fledgling interest I have in the show after having seen the pilot last night.


Hiro's too cute.
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Was watching CSI yesterday. "The car was found in Miami-Dade." Dad and I looked at each other and went "Oh no! Please say it's not a cross-over!" And lo, it was. He looked very young, David Caruso. And he wasn't as smarmy as he is later, but he was getting there. Horatio Caine will never become a favourite. Best I can say is that I can learn to tolerate him, but that's about it.
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I finally listened to some of Feast of the Drowned that came with the Radio Times last Christmas (since my stereo has apparently decided to stop being a dick and just play my c.d's).


I love listening to Tennant. Story, what story? All I hear is the accent.


Dec. 23rd, 2006 04:38 pm
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Proof that you don't need Fandom_Wank for stupidity...

Akroma does so rule! And you are idiots for not seeing that!

It's on the Wizards-messageboards, and over a year old. An oldie but a goodie. Watch the OP claim he played against the Top Ten, though he can't remember their names. Watch him post a rather sucky deck-list. (I have to say, I can't see much wrong with that deck, but I myself am still rather new to the game, so yeah.)


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