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She couldn't find anything to say to that. His gaze robbed her of her words. And he was correct. She did deserve the best that the world had to offer. Maybe even other worlds. Not that she would ever find them. The thought rankled.

Wordcount: 51,473

It's not the best I've ever done for NaNo. I've reached higher, but this is one of the few NaNovels that I think I can finish come December. Just need to find the motivation outside of the competition.
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She found herself being led into the hotel. Once the receptionist saw Tyh, he all but fell over himself in order to serve him. No, it wouldn't be a problem for Tyh to have someone share his room. The hotel and its facilities would be available to her, of course, and she would be treated the same way as Tyh himself was.

Wordcount: 51,033

I won! I won! I won! Yesterday, to be exact.
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“Nothing,” Bjernu said, who had drawn and nocked an arrow, and who was now searching the sky. “I was saying nothing now where are you, you bastard?”

Wordcount: 43,546
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“Not right now,” Ameena said. She scrubbed at her face, trying to wake up a bit more.

Wordcount: 41,077
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“But they didn't do anything to you? You're not hurt?” Hettie asked. She started looking over Ameena.

“Can we save the examination for when we're alone?” Ameena asked. “Some things I don't do with an audience. That includes taking off my clothes.”

Wordcount: 37,261
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“How do they even know what I look like?” Ameena said, mostly to herself. Gern had made himself scarce once the woman had started shouting.

Wordcount: 35,135
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Ameena snorted. “That would mean they have to mine for themselves. Dragons are above all extremely lazy. That's never going to happen.”

Wordcount: 34,085
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Ameena went over to the desk to the side of the room, behind which sat a man busy scribbling in a ledger. He didn't look up until she cleared her throat.

Wordcount: 31,835
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“Must be nice to be so certain about things,” Hettie said.

“This is one of the few things I am,” Ameena said. “The rest I have as much idea about as you.”

“Depends on what you're talking about.” Hettie leaned over the bar again, smiling at Ameena, who raised an eyebrow. “What are some of the other things you know?”

“That's for you to find out,” Ameena said, and laughed.

Wordcount: 30,118

(Why, every time I have a female character enter a bar, no matter the setting, does she always get a man hitting on her?)
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“Because in the beginning mother felt sorry for him, having fallen on hard times like he has. And he is right, he is a paying customer. We can't afford to turn those away.”

Wordcount: 28,064
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It had been a lwhile [sic] since anybody had shown her any form of kindness. Alec, bless his soul, and Emmar had been the only ones.

Wordcount: 25,519.
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“So I hit them then.” Olgyu rolled her shoulders. “They'll never know what happened.”

Worcount: 15,719.
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I've hit a snag in my writing. I was getting bogged down in things I didn't want to write about, and it killed my motivation. I think I've added a couple of hundred words yesterday and today combined. But today I took the drastic step of... not writing about that any more, and skipping to the action. Which is major for me, since I always feel obliged to finish what I started. Or I just abandon it completely when the frustration gets to be too much. Hopefully this new move will get some action going, at long last.
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“The garden is not that far from the main building. Once we’re outside, you’ll be able to see them.”

Wordcount: 6,204
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Sister Emmar turned on him. “And you should be in bed as well. I thank you for coming to get me, but you’re not allowed out until I say you can.”

Wordcount: 5,222
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“You look like you-. No, I can’t think of a good comparison to make,” a voice said to Ameena’s left, jolting her out of her thoughts.

Wordcount: 3,366.
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“It’s dangerous outside. How will you keep safe?” Sister Emmar seemed near tears.
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Tomorrow, NaNo starts, and I am so far from ready. I mean, I have some idea of what I want to write, but these past few weeks I've also been busy with prepping a D&D-campaign, and so the novel has fallen by the wayside. I don't know if I'm going to be able to it this year. *flails*
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has won. I am currently at 51,193 words. In proper NaNo-tradition (f0r me), the story is far from finished.

Also, why do I keep stumbling over these raging misogynistic assholes in my stories?
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I think I need to set something on fire. In the story, that is. Maybe then something will happen.


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