Dec. 4th, 2013 03:51 pm
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It's December. Work is always super-busy in December. I know this, so why do I plan on writing in this busy month? That is not a good idea.

In other news, I am postphoning my writing until the New Year, when I will have had some proper sleep.

Dr Who 4x13

Jul. 6th, 2008 04:57 pm
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I have a good mind to EAT RUSSELL'S FACE! Journey's End )
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The S1-finale, as Wiki tells me. Anyway, killing off the spouse? I wanted to hunt down the scriptwriters and slap them. It's not clever. And I liked the couple. They worked well. This is just cheap drama.


Jan. 28th, 2008 03:07 pm
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Father Anderson is batshit insane and scary as all get-out.

And while I like Seras Victoria, the way she's drawn irritates me. Those aren't boobies, they're beachballs strapped to her chest. The way her shirt accentuates them doesn't help to alleviate that impression.
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Tuesday I saw PotC: At World's End. I is not totally pleased )

Wha the...?

Jun. 4th, 2007 05:39 pm
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Did I miss the memo about Google-docs being an arse today? No? Then why does it insist on putting the text I am typing into the document from right to left?
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I really do. Especially the interaction between Booth and Brennan. Of course, Booth being played by David Boreanaz also helps. *rawr.* Add to that my usual-to-slightly-morbid interest in crime-series and well, I will watch it. Just, don't Brennan's people at the lab have anything better to do than trying to get Brennan laid? Preferably with Booth? Honestly, they gossip more than a ladies' sewing circle.

And why does it bother me so? It can't be because I'm a bitter old spinster, since I'm a) happily engaged and b), not that old. It just does. It could be oversensitivity due to series like Gilmore Girls, where talking about relationships is all they seem to do. Or close proximity to shipping-wars. It just bugs me.

Could also be I'm jealous because I'm not with the man I love, so it's just me projecting my feelings on the series. Booh.

I need a hug.
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Danenema-shippers at it again. This time because they came out of a Starbucks together. Oi vey. Don't they have anything better to do than obsess over some actors' lovelives? Even when I was a teenager and had a list of crushes the length of my arm I didn't obsess as much as these people seem to do.

*shudders.* I don't want to know whether there's RPF about this already. I hate RPF and will not read it.
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Watched the episode Faster Than a Speeding Vixen. (I know, I know, I don't like the series all that much, but I still watch them. What can I say, I'm a sucker for shows that irritate me. That would explain why I keep watching CSI:Miami despite severely disliking Horatio bloody Caine, Supercop.) Well, part of it, it overlaps with Strong Medicine. Anyway )
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A petition to get Rose back into Dr Who. What part of Timelord don't you understand? She was not The Love Of His LifeTM. If anything, she was a Great LoveTM. Just, not the only one he ever loved. He doesn't travel with people he doesn't love. Whether that's platonic, or a more horizontal version. He travelled with Adric, and most people consider the wet dishcloth under the sink to have been of more use. (Note: not talking of personal experience, I have never seen Adric in action.)

Look, I'm not denying they might have had something. For all I care they had wild orgies with Captain Jack between episodes (oo-er!). Just, making the Doctor into a love-sick puppy scouring the Universe just for a glimpse of Rose is just demeaning to the Doctor. He knows how to let go. Apart from the destruction of Galifrey, but there's a difference between losing a girl and losing your entire homeworld and race in a war in which you fought yourself.

Nor can I blame Rose for feeling desolate after she lost the Doctor. He's the kind of man you only meet once, and that only if you're extremely lucky. And wanting to see him again is understandable too. Just look at Sarah Jane. She waited all those years as well. But it's as much an insult to Rose's character to have her searching for the rest of her life for a way to be with the Doctor again. As soon as the heartache mends, I can see Rose getting on with her life and making something of it. Because she can. She is strong, for all the clinging she did to Ten. She had to be, or else she would have perished a lot sooner in her travels with the Doctor. And he doesn't strike me as the man to take along someone who can't take care of themselves.

Wow, I defended Rose. Well, I never. Though I will freely admit I disliked her because so many people were intent on her canonization. Much as I'm predisposed to like Martha just because so many people already make her into the bad woman. Like in the above petition.
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So I watched Alien the other day. I quite liked it, all in all.

Just, what was that cat doing on board? It was a mining/cargo ship. Who let Ripley take that effing animal on board? If she wanted to take a pet, she should have gone for a dog: at least those come when called.

And I like cats, I really do. Just that I think that in this case it wasn't the best of ideas.
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Do you mind? Wank about Dan/Emma. Fanfic about real people. True Love between Emma and Dan. No, them being legal doesn't help your case. And you just made my head explode.

Actors are not their characters. I don't give a dingo's kidneys if they look cute together, stop planning their joint future! Unless you're their bestest friend forever, in which I'd dump you for blabbing everything about my life to the big wide world, shut your gabbing.
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Disappointment about School Reunion. Some spoilers. And a huge disdain from the OP for people who like the new series. Yeah, like the old series were such paragons of high quality. I mean, can't I just enjoy the new series without being called a squeeing fangirl with an IQ that doesn't rise above 5th Grade? Sure I'm a squeeing fangirl, but how does that mean I'm not smart? Really, what is with people who need to feel superior on the grounds that they watched the good Doctor outrun a horribly plastic Loch Ness Monster? Not that I didn't like that epsiode either. There is something to say for the '4 episodes to make one story'-format they had.


Eh, I've just been generally cranky lately, and this rubbed me the wrong way.
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Dear fantwunts,

Nudists. At Hogwarts. A big old honking castle, full of updrafts. In Scotland. Are you out of your freaking little minds? Do you hate your characters so much that you want them to die of pneumonia? Also: Hogwarts? British boarding school, meaning it has a strict dresscode. No, getting yourself adopted by one of the teachers does not mean you get to circumvent this code. Stop trying to get that professor nekkid too.

I've nothing against nudists, but there's a time and a place for everything, and Hogwarts is neither. And can the hypocrisy. Don't have Hermione tut disapprovingly at the ten-year-old who's dressing like a cheap hooker, but praise the same tendency in the twelve-year-old. Given that she's adopted both of them, go stick your head in a pig.

Furthermore fantwunt 2, cut it out with the gift-talk. Girls these days are not just valuable because they're virgins. And for the love of Merlin, Nimue and all Four Founders, stop having the teenaged kids express such an interest in their parents' lovelife! It's quite sickening. So's the sex, by the way.

No love, since you don't know what it is

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Dear fanwriter,

You don't like the Weasleys? Fine by me, you're not obligated to. Personally, I love them. However, this does not mean that Harry hates them too. They're his family. He loves them. So please to not be demonizing them, and making our hero casually shrug off the demise of the entire fucking family as if it were nothing more than a fly in his milk (though given Book 5-Harry, that last would also have sent him into a screaming-fit).

And for the love of Merlin, stop it with the 'The only reason Harry went out with Ginny is because she doped him with a lovepotion!' I don't remember Ginny being a raging slut who needs to dupe people into dating her.

Red-haired love,

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Euhm, yes. (Might get deleted since the photo is posted without the watermark.) Edit: it did get deleted.

BAFTA-pic, of Tennant and Piper hugging. They probably just found out they won or something, I don't know. They look cute, but some of the comments...oi. We just took a turn into RPF.

'It's so Rose and the Doctor.'

'why can't thse [sic] two get together, they're so sweet' [Yes, we are talking about the actors here.]

Lessee, I heard Piper had a boyfriend, and Tennant's dating Myles. And they are not their characters! It feels like the beginning of Danenema.
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Bah, I can't get Vol 9. Stupid site's not cooperating with me. Ah well, it's not like I've finished the rest yet, it's just irritating.

Still major *squee!*-love on my part. Me like Saiyuki. ^.^

*deplores lack of icon-space.*

And I'm still blaming Boz for all this, so there.
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Dear fanwriter,

Please repeat after me: fanon is not the same as canon.

Fanon is not the same as canon.

Making Thranduil an evil child-beating Elf just because you saw other people writing him this way doesn't mean it's right. Don't make me send Legolas after you to kick your arse. I dare you to find one passage in the books where it's stated Thranduil beat his children. You won't find it. Why? Because Elves don't do this. Get out of my fandom.

No frigging love,


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Dr Who's pushing the gay agenda!

Oh, for fuck's sake!
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Dear film-makers, or whoever was responsible,

As much as I like watching Mad Max, and drooling over Mel Gibson in leather, I can't watch this version. Why, in the name of all that's holy, did you have to dub the dialogue? What's wrong with Australian? Didn't expect Americans to be able to understand anything apart from their own accent?

No fangirly love,

Dear tv channel,

Why did you choose to broadcast the dubbed version of Mad Max, and not the original? Do you want to restrict me to watching the BBC?

Seriously, what?



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