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Jun. 9th, 2007 04:26 pm
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Which I got sent by Joy. Introducing the Book. It's in Norwegian, with English sup-titles.

Quite funny.
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If you want to pseudo-kill yourself on the Internet and/or LJ and have huge masses bewailing your untimely end, while you're still around so you can bask in how popular and missed you are, but don't know how to do it, then have no fear, for here is the guide as to how to commit pseudicide.

Neither the author of this post or the authors of the guide are responsible for any after-effects.


Dec. 25th, 2006 09:54 pm
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Well then...

Wizards of the Coast is a games-company. For one they publish Dungeons and Dragons, and also Magic: The Gathering. I play both, and sometimes I think that makes me rather unique, given the fact that I seem to lack a penis. ;) Both hobbies are very dominated by men. And nerdy men at that, but who doesn't love those? ;)

Over the past couple of months, Magic-Research and Development put on a search for new card-designer. Well, they offered a six-month internship, but whatever, it's the chance to work at something you love, so who wouldn't go for it? (I wouldn't, but that's more to do with the fact that I still know jackshit about the game, although I am learning.)

This past week, the winner of The Great Designer Search [TGDS] was announced. [TGDS] WINNER Announced At Party Last Night over on the M:TG Salvation-boards, (which are not connected to the official Wizboards at all). Paigoddess won. NorrYtt and Kraj, who were the other finalists, also chime in on this thread. Pai is female.

So, was the winner hired soley beacuse she was a woman? Was she hired to appeal to the minor female fanbase this hobby has? I admit, I squealed a bit when I heard that she had won, because what I saw of her designs were decent and just, you know, having a woman on board there might not be bad. I just hope she was not hired based purely on gender, and I doubt she was. R&D would just shoot itself in the foot with that decision.
Will the rest of the nerds working in R&D be able to stop from hitting on her? They might be married, but you know what happens when nerds see a woman...(Yeah, I've taken to having a baseball-bat at my side when I go out with Mel to games at his friends'... A clue. No.)
Oh wait, no. Pai used to be a man. Yes, she is transgendered. She just needs more surgery so she can be an attractive woman. *insert my brain finally breaking.*

What is WRONG with these people? Mel says it's jealousy in part, because she won, and not them. Maybe he's right. It does my head in, seeing them go on about her gender, and basing her solely on tht. Way to go to prove that normal adults can play this game too, guys. Cheers.

I sometimes wonder why I'm still here with people like that around. Though luckily I have not run into them here, or anywhere I have played. Which is good, because I would get very pissed off at them. Even just seeing them on the internet does my head in.


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