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And we (Europe) got this a week before the US will. Go us! Spoilers, sweetie )
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Dad and I went to see it yesterday. It was awesome, I loved it. Read more... )
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Mel and I saw The Avengers yesterday. It was AWESOME )


Jun. 9th, 2008 02:01 pm
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I finally saw the movie last week (I was late, but I was also late in seeing Firefly.) Darn that Whedon. Darn him to heck. Read more... )
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Yesterday I watched Shadow of the North, a BBC-adaptation of a Philip Pullman-novel. I never read anything by the man, but despite that, I quite liked the adaptation. It had Billie Piper as the heroine Sally Lockhart. She's quite a good actress, now that I've seen her in something that had no relation whatsoever to Dr Who.

Anyway, at one point she finally admits that yes, she fancies the man who's had a crush on her since probably the previous book/adaptation, and they sleep together. Mind, this is set in the 1870's Britain, not really a time when you want it to come out that you've been having sex outside of marriage. All lovey-dovey, he proposes, she accepts. Then he dies, since the villain has the house set on fire, and he perishes. Shame, because I liked the character, while Sally sometimes irritated the snot out of me. There's being forward and there's being a stubborn idiot. So at this point, Sally's lost her dog, the man she loves, and the house. Not her house, but it was the house the amant was living in and conducting his business from (private investigaters).

Protagonists do deserve happiness. Why this need to take everything away from them? Drama makes for good story, I know. Just seems overdone sometimes.
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But I saw the second and third HP-movies over Christmas, and Ron, whom I love in the books (he comes a close second to Neville) seemed to have been stripped of all that I love. Mainly all he did was be scared and left out of the loop. I did like that they put in things like Hermione turning to him for comfort when they thought Buckbeak was killed, and her without abandon hugging Harry when she was recovered from being Petrified, and then going uncomfortable hugging the boy she's starting to like, instead opting for a handshake.

But Harry and Hermione got the cool stuff, it seemed. And it irked me.
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I saw From Hell yesterday, a movie about Jack the Ripper based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore. Spoilers )
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Lost Boys...Pft, Michael/Star. Michael/David all the way. They had more chemistry together (and even bottle-blond Kiefer Sutherland is still hot). And we had David go all possessive of Michael as well. What more could you want?
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Some thoughts )
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Tuesday I saw PotC: At World's End. I is not totally pleased )
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Last night I was watching Devour, a fairly recent horror-movie with Supernatural's Jensen Ackles. He played a kid who all his life had been plagued by living nightmares (Why, did you piss off Dream?), and who also worked in a shop as a computer-technician. In walks quite nicely dressed and rather hot-looking lady, who has laptop-trouble. "It just stopped working." Did he ask any questions? Troubleshoot? Made a face that indicates that it could be fixed, but only if you're willing to sacrifice your firstborn child to his evil god?

No. He pries off the plastic bar at the top of the keyboard, and fishes out a lump of red candle-wax. WTF? I'm about as a-technical as they come, and even I can see that that is nothing short of a miracle. And then he let her go without her paying for his help. What are the odds? His boss was going to take it out of his pay, which in these kind of movies means he's going to buy it before the end of the second reel.

Likewise the professor who kept trying to blackmail our hero's girlfriend into having sex with him so she wouldn't fail her classes. And of course she can't tell the Dean, because she's a girl who likes to wear revealing clothing, so she's probably a slut who came on to the professor and thus can't be believed.

Then the signal gave out, so I couldn't watch the rest of it to see whether I was right.
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Inspired by this thread on RPG.Net, tell me which protagonist you dislike beyond all reason. Books, movies, comics, anything goes.
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Mary Poppins, as you haven't seen her before.

Fun with trailers, in other words. ;)
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Pictures of Harry kissing Cho from the upcoming Order of the Phoenix-movie have been released.

I wonder how batshit the reactions will be towards this.

And how many fics will get written killing Katie Cheung so Danenema can live forever.
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I am more or less enamoured by Bones, especially the main character. I love how she's so good at her job, but so completely clueless when it comes to the rest of reality, at least that part that covers recent pop-culture. My Dad also watches it, but he's not as enthusiastic as I am: he's read the books, and has much the same reaction as I have to PJ's LotR.

I tried the first book, Déjà Dead. I gave up after Chapter 13 or so. She's a whiner. I don't like the way she writes. Like she's all this information she wants to impart on us, and doesn't know how to do that than in info-dumps. It's irritating.

I'll stick with the series. But at least I tried.
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Danenema-shippers at it again. This time because they came out of a Starbucks together. Oi vey. Don't they have anything better to do than obsess over some actors' lovelives? Even when I was a teenager and had a list of crushes the length of my arm I didn't obsess as much as these people seem to do.

*shudders.* I don't want to know whether there's RPF about this already. I hate RPF and will not read it.
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Oh my gods. Where is Zeus when you need him to smite crap like this? This is not his son. This can't be his son.

Ranting )

On top of mucking with the mythology (Tiresias as the Oracle of Delphi? And I'm Queen of Spain.) it's just bad acting, unlikable characters, and a real shite movie.

Even Sean Astin can't save this piece of drek.

I need a drink. And the tv-series with Kevin Sorbo. Those also mucked with the mythology, but at least that one was meant to be humourous.
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So we saw PotC 2 yesterday. I liked it )
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Saw most of The Omen yesterday-evening. The original one, at that. Missed the ending due to curfew, but that didn't bother me too much. It was my second viewing. I had a much entertaining glee-moment when I saw the name Patrick Throughton show up in the beginning credits. So I watched most of the movie just to see him. I'm a geek, yes I know.

Apart from his appearance, I quite liked the movie. Very nicely understated horror, nothing too gory (unless you count the way the photographer died). And the music sent me into shivers every time I heard it.
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So I watched Alien the other day. I quite liked it, all in all.

Just, what was that cat doing on board? It was a mining/cargo ship. Who let Ripley take that effing animal on board? If she wanted to take a pet, she should have gone for a dog: at least those come when called.

And I like cats, I really do. Just that I think that in this case it wasn't the best of ideas.


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