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I gots a title! Stubborn Is The New Black..

I am here. Do not worry. )
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You, wench with that pen in your hand,

Why did you make me out to be this stupid? I am not. Tell them I am not stupid. I am only trying to make a living, you know. Tell them I am not stupid. I want you to tell them I am not stupid. Or hitting on anything in a skirt.

...Hey, you are looking fine. What do you say, sweetheart?

The bandit with no name.



I...I have no words.

Oh, call me wench and/or hit on me again and I will disembowel you. With a spoon.

Never yours, the authrix
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Dear Emmar,

You were only supposed to be a bit-character. How did you manage to jump to being Olgyu's love-interest? Stop hogging the spotlight, I do not want 5 MC's. I am having enough trouble with 4

And dear, one night sex together does not mean eternal love. Please, do not delude yourself in this way.

In sincere bewilderment and sympathy,

your authrix


Dear Olgyu,

Stop sleeping around. See what you are doing to others.

No love,

your authrix


To all the main characters,

Please, get a move on. I would like to see you out of that monastery before I reach 50K.


the authrix
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So-called authrix,

I am the leader of this ragtag bunch. Why am I not getting more screentime? Instead you let Olgyu's latest floozy team up with us.



Dear Marnak,

See that axe Olgyu's carrying? Yeah, I do not want to run into that either. And a word of advice, do not call Emmar a 'floozy'. I have a feeling she could get very nasty when angry, and remember, she knows her herbs.

Your authrix.


Nov. 16th, 2006 02:48 pm
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So, on the one hand I've gotten over 20K for NaNo, which is good.

On the other hand, I want to beat my characters with The Travelling Shovel Of DeathTM if they do not get a move on soon. And who gave them permission to act like they are in a soap-opera?! This is bad. I get enough of that just watching telly, which is probably where it came from.

Ah well, goal for today is 21,125, and I know I can make it, easily.
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Bleary-eyed people sat eating their breakfast. )

I almost made my target for this day! Only a 1,000 more! Woot!
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Dear Rachik,

Dear, you were scrapped from this story several plot-changes ago. So stop threatening to show up in a later chapter to try and break up the budding friendship/romance between Ameena and Bjernu.

I will kill you if you do.

No love until you learn your place,

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They met Bjernu and Olgyu for dinner. )

Now excuse while I go exorcise the plotbunny that just jumped me. Did I ever mention that I always seem to end up with more words as I type up my handwritten stuff?
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New title: The Ties That Bind. Still subject to change.

This is The Duchess. )

I have written more, but lack of computer-access for the past couple of days means I have to type up over 4K of words. o.O *sighs.*


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