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Take a day off, then start making notes for the next story I want to write. I want to profit from this mindset of writing every day. This NaNovel, I think I'll put away for now, and come back to it later. It's going to need extensive rewriting, and for that I am going to need some fresh eyes.

I've found that I need an outline when I write. It helps me in knowing what I have to write, and hopefully will cut down on 'I have no idea what this place is up to/Why the hell are you quitting your jobs?!'-surprises.

...And I told the boyfriend this, and he's set me the deadline of coming Wednesday of having decided what I want to write. Bless, he is a big support in this. If not for him, I would never have come this far.
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For giving me a good kick in the backside. I have a terrible tendency to just fuss and not do anything. I whine a lot about wanting to write instead of just doing so. I can't say exactly why this is so, apart from general laziness and unwillingness to do the work.

I was talking about NaNo, and that I had no clue what to write about, or whether I even wanted to participate this year. He said "There's nine days before you come over here. I want you to come up with three outlines for NaNo by then."

This was yesterday. I have two already.
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But it is nowhere to be found in this city. The distributor which covers, as far as I can tell, all the comic-shops here is busy moving, and already behind in a) the end of the moe, and b) delivering backlog. *bh*

Ah well, I would have been a bit surprised to find a copy, what with the movie having just come out and all. Which I'm taking Mel to see when he's over.

I did get The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Very mature, very excellent, and way better than the movie. That never made sense to me. The whole thing was special effect after special effect, and what plot? None that I could see. Even after learning that Sean Connery is apparently a bit of a misogynist, I still like him as an actor. He makes tripe better.
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The Unicorn and the Wasp )


Oct. 31st, 2007 01:32 pm
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I think I got my first fan on (There's always Mel, but he's not registered there. :P)

It's just, while I obviously think that what I have posted there isn't too bad or otherwise I would not have put it up there, I never thought that it would be this good.


I got a fan. *fans self*

Edit: Ok, I got put on 'Author Alert', which is almost as good as being faved, right?
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Lays of Beleriand is an interesting read. I am a sucker for poetry, I am. And since Mel is not, that means there's more for me. *grins.* I find the background-information Christopher provides very interesting as well. Like watching a work in progress.
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So the news for S4 Dr Who In here in case you hadn't heard yet )

But, as Mel said, David Tennant is still staying. *mmm* David Tennant...
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Mel bought me Lays of Beleriand for my birthday. *glee* He knows me so well...

One day I will invest in a good Bible-concordance and/or Bible-dictionary. Always helpful, them.


Dec. 25th, 2006 09:54 pm
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Well then...

Wizards of the Coast is a games-company. For one they publish Dungeons and Dragons, and also Magic: The Gathering. I play both, and sometimes I think that makes me rather unique, given the fact that I seem to lack a penis. ;) Both hobbies are very dominated by men. And nerdy men at that, but who doesn't love those? ;)

Over the past couple of months, Magic-Research and Development put on a search for new card-designer. Well, they offered a six-month internship, but whatever, it's the chance to work at something you love, so who wouldn't go for it? (I wouldn't, but that's more to do with the fact that I still know jackshit about the game, although I am learning.)

This past week, the winner of The Great Designer Search [TGDS] was announced. [TGDS] WINNER Announced At Party Last Night over on the M:TG Salvation-boards, (which are not connected to the official Wizboards at all). Paigoddess won. NorrYtt and Kraj, who were the other finalists, also chime in on this thread. Pai is female.

So, was the winner hired soley beacuse she was a woman? Was she hired to appeal to the minor female fanbase this hobby has? I admit, I squealed a bit when I heard that she had won, because what I saw of her designs were decent and just, you know, having a woman on board there might not be bad. I just hope she was not hired based purely on gender, and I doubt she was. R&D would just shoot itself in the foot with that decision.
Will the rest of the nerds working in R&D be able to stop from hitting on her? They might be married, but you know what happens when nerds see a woman...(Yeah, I've taken to having a baseball-bat at my side when I go out with Mel to games at his friends'... A clue. No.)
Oh wait, no. Pai used to be a man. Yes, she is transgendered. She just needs more surgery so she can be an attractive woman. *insert my brain finally breaking.*

What is WRONG with these people? Mel says it's jealousy in part, because she won, and not them. Maybe he's right. It does my head in, seeing them go on about her gender, and basing her solely on tht. Way to go to prove that normal adults can play this game too, guys. Cheers.

I sometimes wonder why I'm still here with people like that around. Though luckily I have not run into them here, or anywhere I have played. Which is good, because I would get very pissed off at them. Even just seeing them on the internet does my head in.
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We are such geeks, we just had the alarm go off to remind us about the Christmas-episode of Doctor Who. ;)
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A new name for Captain Jack. Slight Torchwood-spoiler )
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*pokes head.*

Huh, it looks like there is some plot there. Or maybe not. Some setting-info anyway. It's going to be urban fantasyish, if I can swing it. My MC keeps changing on me, though. I really need to note things down about her. And work on the plot.

Three weeks until it starts and I'm already getting way too worked up over it. And bugging Mel with all this. Patient man, to listen to my rambling and spazzing out. :)

Breathe, breathe.

50,000 words? Oy vey. *thunk!*

Is it November yet? Means I can kick myself into writing and to stop worrying about this stuff.
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Inspired by this sporking, which features an Irish shoplady capable of giving the One Ring away without any trouble on her side, the natural thought is that she's someone else. Namely Carrot, since you need someone unflappable and in possession of an iron will. And he could withstand the Gonne.

It doesn't seem Carrot's style however, to give away such a piece that's clearly evil. He'd go off to destroy it himself in an instant. Quote [ profile] mellinore: 'Carrot at the Cracks of Doom[.] He'd lob the Ring then save Gollum from jumping in after it[.]' That's what he'd do.
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Hehehe, Mel's also geeking out over Tolkien's latest. I knew there was a reason I love the man.
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I really do. Especially the interaction between Booth and Brennan. Of course, Booth being played by David Boreanaz also helps. *rawr.* Add to that my usual-to-slightly-morbid interest in crime-series and well, I will watch it. Just, don't Brennan's people at the lab have anything better to do than trying to get Brennan laid? Preferably with Booth? Honestly, they gossip more than a ladies' sewing circle.

And why does it bother me so? It can't be because I'm a bitter old spinster, since I'm a) happily engaged and b), not that old. It just does. It could be oversensitivity due to series like Gilmore Girls, where talking about relationships is all they seem to do. Or close proximity to shipping-wars. It just bugs me.

Could also be I'm jealous because I'm not with the man I love, so it's just me projecting my feelings on the series. Booh.

I need a hug.

Woe is me

May. 31st, 2006 03:58 pm
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Mel's not that fond of Firefly. How can I ever go on with a man who doesn't share my exact tastes?

Oh wait, I can because I'm sane like that.

Sorta kinda inspired by a woman who was shocked to find out her husband liked Ron/Hermione, and who didn't see Harry/Hermione. *sighs.*
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Is there a symbolic meaning behind Frodo going and destroying the Ring at the same age Bilbo was when he found the thing? Found at fifty, destroyed at fifty. And it's symbolic that there's Nine Walkers for Nine Nazgûl.

My fiancé thinks that maybe Tolkien just thought that fifty was a good age for a Hobbit to go on adventures.
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There's some weird people out there...Bible fanfic of the worst kind. Those who read the PPC-board have already seen this.

I told my fiancé about it. He laughed about the silliness of the premise. Then he absolutely refused to read it. I can't blame him. I'm not a Christian myself, but I still felt icky after having read it.

Edit: the Department of WTF took on the task of PPCing this. Kudos to them.


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