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Tomorrow, NaNo starts, and I am so far from ready. I mean, I have some idea of what I want to write, but these past few weeks I've also been busy with prepping a D&D-campaign, and so the novel has fallen by the wayside. I don't know if I'm going to be able to it this year. *flails*
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A gaming-friend of mine, to play D&D.
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Next to sore feet, this year I got:

- The Voyage of the Beagle, by Charles Darwin. I do hope this'll be more readable than The Origin of Species.
- Champions of Valor.
- Champions of Ruin. Forgotten Realms splatbooks. I do not play in FR, nor do I have much knowledge of it, but stuff can always be adapted to my own campaigns, hence why I picked them. The same goes for:
- Races of Eberron.
- And last but not least: A Tourist Guide to Lancre.

I is happy. *grinning.*
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There's a new Robin Hood. Yeah, euhm. Meh on my part. They wanted to make him too sparkly what with his bow-fu and things. All I kept thinking was 'Did he take levels of Ranger? And how many would he have needed to get Manyshot?' (The answer is 6, if he has taken the Archery-route.) I'm a geek, sue me. And what was up with throwing up his sword like that to the battlements? Nice going, doofus. You're out of weapons now.

I also got fed up with his political commentary. Was it just me, or did that seem too out of place for that time-period? Honestly, I was more rooting for the Sherrif, and he's an evil bastard who crushes his own budgerees.

I moderately liked Marian, but I'm a sucker for strong women.

Have a link from a messageboard I'm also at: Robin Hood on RPG.Net.

I was a bit moody that evening, so that did colour my perceptions. I survived the end by trying to find D&D-actions in the scenes. 'Shouldn't he get an AoO against that guy trying to shoot that bow from 5 feet away? Oh wait, he's more than 5 feet away. That's why Marian doesn't get -4 for throwing that hairpin into melee.'
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So geeky. Statting the Doctor. My inner geek both rejoices and goes 'Not in this life!'.

Link courtesy of Mel.
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Got Going Postal and The Wee Free Men for my birthday. Wheeeeeee! Now my series is almost complete, bwahahaha! Stupid Thud! not being out in paperback yet.

Keeping Going Postal on standby for Wednesday. Yay, airports! (Well, not really.) But why does the telly seem intent on showing all these airplane-disastermovies?

Also got Heroes of Horror. How to run a horror-game. It's nifty. And now I'm missing my Ravenloft-books, and my nWoD. Bah. We won't be moving my stuff from up north to here until July, that being when Sis and Boyfriend have the time to help out. They can drive, we can't.


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