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Yes, I can! And with Windows 7, to boot. So far, I'm liking the new OS. It seems so fast and clean.

I could buy a laptop through work, and I did. Acer Extensa 5635G with 500 Gb worth of memory. That's half my Bag o'Holding! Sheesh, my old one had 160 Gb.

But I am a happy camper.

You know

Apr. 22nd, 2009 02:06 pm
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I think I could do with a new computer. Preferably one with Windows XP, because I don't like Vista from what I've seen of it. Maybe even a Mac, but I'm not made of moneys.

Then again, I've grown rather attached to my current one, and I wouldn't like to give it up.
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My new hard drive is called Bag o' Holding. *geeky glee*
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I can has an external hard drive? Better late than never, after all, and still in time. My computer hasn't exploded yet, after all. It is making noises, but then it's a couple of years old.

Anyway, a nice hard drive. A 1 TB-hard drive. My computer can fit onto that thing like five times over.

I need a name for it. Ozymandias is a bit cliché, as is Pandora. *goes off to ponder this.*


Dec. 3rd, 2007 04:44 pm
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Free download of 'Study in emerald'. Read by Gaiman himself.

*happy fangirl.*

Can anyone tell me how to save that file to my computer?
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A Kindle, that is. An e-book reader, from the guy who also gave us Amazon.

(Link is to a message-board-discussion on the device.)

I have to admit, I am a bit torn. I like snuggling down with a book and feeling it in my hands, and being able to judge how much I have left to read from the amount of pages left. And smell as well. I like the smell of them. (If it worked for Proust, it can work for me.) So I do have to wonder what the added value of the Kindle, or a like device, is.

At the very least, I wouldn't buy one now. I'd wait for innovations, since I have little desire to end up with the Betamax of the e-book-industry.
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Last night I was watching Devour, a fairly recent horror-movie with Supernatural's Jensen Ackles. He played a kid who all his life had been plagued by living nightmares (Why, did you piss off Dream?), and who also worked in a shop as a computer-technician. In walks quite nicely dressed and rather hot-looking lady, who has laptop-trouble. "It just stopped working." Did he ask any questions? Troubleshoot? Made a face that indicates that it could be fixed, but only if you're willing to sacrifice your firstborn child to his evil god?

No. He pries off the plastic bar at the top of the keyboard, and fishes out a lump of red candle-wax. WTF? I'm about as a-technical as they come, and even I can see that that is nothing short of a miracle. And then he let her go without her paying for his help. What are the odds? His boss was going to take it out of his pay, which in these kind of movies means he's going to buy it before the end of the second reel.

Likewise the professor who kept trying to blackmail our hero's girlfriend into having sex with him so she wouldn't fail her classes. And of course she can't tell the Dean, because she's a girl who likes to wear revealing clothing, so she's probably a slut who came on to the professor and thus can't be believed.

Then the signal gave out, so I couldn't watch the rest of it to see whether I was right.
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Torchwood! BBC 2! Tomorrow! I was all sad and disappointed it was only going to get aired on BBC 3, but they're going to repeat on Beeb 2! I can't wait! Half my flist is taken up with it, and so I can't read for fear of spoilers. *pouts.* And no, I won't download the eps onto this computer, since it's not mine.


Aug. 21st, 2006 05:56 pm
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The last book I read...Demon Seed by Dean Koontz. I already dislike computers, or at the very least distrust them. I distrust most technology, come to that.

Anyway, it's about this sentient self-aware AI who's infiltrated a house through its service-system, and hounds the woman inside because he wants to have a kid with her. The AI's obsession with flesh, and the woman is just chilling. All the signs it's such a classic sociopath, and vehemently denying it, being such an arrogant mysogynistic little prick it just made my flesh crawl. And compromising my ability to write coherent and grammatically correct sentences.

I've read some by Koontz that just made me go 'Meh', but this book is just too creepy. Wonder if I can get Mel so crazy as to read it next time he's over?


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