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For anyone who's interested *hears crickets chirping, watches tumbleweed roll on by.* I am writing. More or less. The mission is in my head somewhere, I'm lacking in motivation to write it all down. And dragging my feet at rereading the original fic. Raped Elves who live on after the deed? *weeps for poor canon.* And then one of the Agents kicks my hindbrain, so all's well.
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Watch two intellectuals completely miss the point of LotR:FotR. Noam Chomsky, whom I know mainly as a linguist(?) and a Howard Zinn, whom I've never heard of. Whether this is real or not is, for me, completely besides the point. It's too funny regardless.

One thing though: I doubt Black Speech is Orcish. But I could be wrong.

Edit: so it's not real. Which I might have guessed anyway, but I still found it funny. See [ profile] boz4pm's comment for more on Chomsky. :)
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New work of Tolkien to be published. The Children of Hurin. *THUNK.* Want it, now. So it can join the queue of the other books by Tolkien I still have to read.


Sep. 13th, 2006 05:48 pm
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So, I'm writing a PPC, about a story which has Legolas as a girl, and out of morbid curiosity, I take a look at what else this author has written.

'Silencing Mike'.


Silencing Mike?! The Monty Python gangrape-story? Oh my sweet Eru!

Get it off, get it off, I got RPS-cooties all over me.
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*pokes notebook.*

Huh, whaddaya know. There's letters in it. Lotsa letters that make up sentences. Who'd've thunk it? Need to do some more writing while behind the computer, since I haven't printed out the story to be PPCed.
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I'm not finding the newest troll on the Boards all that bad. But just because it drew the Boarders together, to make fun of the troll and cheer each other up and just generally have a good time. Trying to see a silver lining to this all, it's better than to take it seriously all the time.

And it reinforced ne wanting to write actual missions. I know I've said this before, but if I don't do this soon, I fear Yattara will have my hide.

*loves this community.*
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There's some weird people out there...Bible fanfic of the worst kind. Those who read the PPC-board have already seen this.

I told my fiancé about it. He laughed about the silliness of the premise. Then he absolutely refused to read it. I can't blame him. I'm not a Christian myself, but I still felt icky after having read it.

Edit: the Department of WTF took on the task of PPCing this. Kudos to them.
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I have a deep and abiding love for good writing. I adore reading, and even though being on the 'Net has cut into my reading habits something fierce, I still can't give it up. I was the kid who spent all her free time in the school-library. I have a wish to write myself, but...

I only recently got into the whole fanfic-thing, by following a link on a message-board to [personal profile] deleterius, and this has quite killed that wish. Seeing some of the things that pass for fiction that appear in the Pit just make my brain melt. I know, it says a lot about my self-esteem that I let some illiterate teenager get to me like this, but I never said I was the most confident person alive. Luckily, some of my sanity got saved by also running into respectively OFUM, and the original PPC-series. But still, but still, I'm quite unsure as to how to go about writing. (Apart from just doing it, of course, but I'm also quite lazy.)

If there was a point to this, I wouldn't know. I'm just rambling, obviously.


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