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Something I have been wondering since I saw the Christian writers-thread in the Writing Group-forum on NaNo: does being a Christian mean that you have to write about your faith? One of the adages of writing is 'Write what you know', or 'Write what you care about.' For me, my faith falls squarely in both categories. But does that mean that I have to write about it? Will it make other people doubt my level of commitment to God if I don't mention Him in my work? Would it be considered preachy to even just mention a church standing in the background. let alone write about matters of doctrine and faith?

Or do I worry too much and should I just write and see what comes out?

Hee, yes

Mar. 26th, 2008 11:24 am
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I am quite pleased with this news.

They've discovered six sermons written by Aurelius Augustine. The man had a huge impact on Christianity, and so it's good to have more of hi works so we can see the exact nature of that impact.

I hope it won't take too long (as in more than five years) before there's some sort of translations of them on the open market. I want to read them as well. I am by no means an Augustine-scholar, but I am very curious. I like the way he writes.
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Hellsing the anime is quite weird, compared to the manga, which I read first. And was it just me, or was there more UST between Alucard and Seras in the first ep than in the whole of the manga? After him being a bastard to her when they first met in the forest. Also, in Japanese I like Alucard's voice-actor better than in English.

I do hope they kept Pip/Seras in the anime. They were cute, for a vampire and a mercenary. ;)

All those big guns Are they compensating? (No, I'm not volunteering to ask Alucard that. I like my life too much. :P)

On a related topic, how many of the characters are believers? Anderson is, if of the batshit-insane variety. I'm guessing most of Iscariot is. Alucard lost his faith way back when. But the rest?
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Finished Paradise Lost. The whole 'I am God and I will make Adam suffer because I can'-vibe put me off a bit, but Milton did have a way with words. What's the use of free will if you know beforehand that man will falter and disobey you? And I am a bit miffed with the way Eve is upposed to be a good and submissive wife to Adam, but that's 20th-century me looking at a 17th-century book.

Staying with religious literature, I'm now reading The Divine Comedy by Dante. He's already made it to Paradise.

Maybe after this I should dig up Mel's copy of Mere Christianity, for some religious non-fiction. I think I could use it after Medieval views on the One True Church.
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The book-discount went on until today, so I got some more stuff out of it.

The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin. Because I could do with a good scare now and again, and that book gets rather creepy. Not so much with gore and blood, just suspense and the overall feeling of 'They have not just gone there!'.

The fisrt volume of Yu-Gi-Oh!. *hangs head.* I know, I know. I never really had time for the cartoon, never really liked it, and why I picked up the manga I'll never know. For a laugh, I think. It's better than I thought. I thought that it was a card-game though, going by the cartoon. Haven't seen any of those. How old is Yugi anyway, being in 10th grade?

And John Milton's magnum opus Paradise Lost. After Yu-Gi-Oh! I needed some serious literature. :P Don't hit me! I was only kidding. It reads ver nicely, not that I can follow it all at first read, but well, we'll give it time.

Anyway, I have some more things to read. ^.^
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I watched Dracula 2000 the other day. After I stopped going 'Ooohh...nice' over Gerard Butler in an open shirt *adds another crush to growing list.*, I got to thinking. I don't get it. The curse-thing doesn't jibe with how I understand Christ to work. I will admit I'm not a scholar, and prone to overthink movie-mechanics, and movie-plots, but still. Cursing Judas to a life of being an undead bloodsucker? Euhm, yeah. But it was late, and I went back to drooling. I'm so easy.
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There's some weird people out there...Bible fanfic of the worst kind. Those who read the PPC-board have already seen this.

I told my fiancé about it. He laughed about the silliness of the premise. Then he absolutely refused to read it. I can't blame him. I'm not a Christian myself, but I still felt icky after having read it.

Edit: the Department of WTF took on the task of PPCing this. Kudos to them.


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