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Oct. 19th, 2012 09:26 pm
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I am not pleased. New 52 Justice League International got cancelled. When did DC decide that? Back in May. When did I find out? Today, and only because I went looking for the information. Argh!

Admittedly, the Annual did not fill me with hope about the future of the team. (Hint: they completely fell apart.) I did not expect the series to just stop. What will happen to Booster? (Obsessed? No. Fangirl? Yes.)

On a more cheerful note: there's a new Young Avengers-series starting January next year. I'm stoked about that!
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I can't get Young Avengers Presents in trade for love nor money (unless I want to pay 5 times RRP to canny sellers on Amazon), but my FLCS had all individual issues. And it was only a six-issue miniseries to begin with. Ah well, at least I can read them now. It also looks like I got about everything Young Avengers-related. Go me!
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So, DC-comics has hired a Dutch artist to draw Batman for them. First Dutch person to work for DC, that's good news.

He's also going to take over the current run of Birds of Prey. Who the newspaper described as 'Batman's female ladyfriends'. Which caused me to somewhat overreact, because have you, the writer of said article, ever read a single issue of Birds? No? That's what I thought.

The Birds are a group of superheroines put together by Barbara Gordon*, to do her legwork for her. They are awesome, kick-ass women being awesome and kick-ass. You could argue that through Barbara they are related to Batman, but he has no say about them whatsofuckingever.

It also makes it sound like of course women wouldn't go out and be awesome if there wasn't a man somewhere behind them to tell them to go forth and be excellent. It's bad enough that Barbara becoming Oracle because she wanted to do so got retconned into Batman telling Barbara to become Oracle. It's disingenuous to define them through their relationship to a man.

Gah, newspapers.

*Barbara Gordon was Batgirl until she got shot by the Joker. She survived, but was paralysed from the waist down. She decided to become Oracle, a big information-broker in the DC-universe, with ties to the Justice League and other groups.


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