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It's three days to NaNo starts, and I still need to finish my outline. O.O Am not feeling up to it right now.

And then I reread the background I'm basing this novel on, and realised I continually misspelled the name of one of the MMC's. *sighs.*
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I signed up for NaNoWriMo, and I'm already freaking out over it. *sighs.*

*rolls up sleeves, digs up notes on old character.* Since I'm geeky enough to reuse old characters. Don't judge me! :P

...I need a writing-icon.
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An Elven Rogue this time, more geared towards conning people than catburgling them. He wasn't the most friendly of people, and had a sarcastic disposition. Big weak spot for his sister though, and by inference for little girls.

Elves in large parts of this country were usually not more than slaves, except for in Dalwish. It was a harbour-city known for its not keeping to the laws as such.

Annael Esgal )
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This game took place on a world frozen in ice and snow due to some horrible incident in the past. Emmar became a Firepriestess, a Cleric with the Fire-domain. Given that the Wastes are crawling with undead, it's not a bad idea to have a cleric with your party. Firestones are especially valuable, since they provide warmth in places where a normal fire can't be kindled. You do need a priest to recharge them.

Spirit of Fire )
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Annathea's an old character of mine, a cleric/fighter of Kiri-Jolith, hoping to get in the Knights of Solamnia. She was rather fun to play. I always had a weakness for paladins, a class that as such doesn't exist on Krynn.

Ahh, Dragonlance... )

Why I put her here? I'm trying to get myself more into the habit of writing things, and like I said, I quite liked her. Backgrounds can be rather fun to write, after I get done cursing and grunting because I have no clue where I want to go with a character. And the whole nature of a background means it's more focused to a certain goal: why is he/she doing what s/he doing at the start of the game? Hence why this one's not expansive: she was only first-level in the beginning.


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